Love gaming and creating a platform for all my gaming friends, who wish to follow on what I been up too.


I have my own gaming clan in a few games that I play and is always seeking to expand our network and team. If you got what it takes, you might be the missing puzzle we seek.


Ultima Online: Z3RO Guild (Hokuto Shard)

MLBB: 神 God Gaming GG

Dota 2: God Gaming GG

Meet the Team

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Ultima Online

Z3RO Guild Hokuto Shard

Leading a group of international players on a japan shard Hokuto. We do all kinds of stuff from PvM to PvP. Shadowguard boss, Peerless boss, Doom, and Champion spawn.

Dota 2


Play Dota since the early days of Dota. Not very good at it but always enjoy it. Trying to climb up my rank in Dota 2. Currently, Archon and hope can reach legend soon!

Mobile Legend Bang Bang

神 God Gaming GG

Lead a Clan of Mythic to Legend players. The team is currently full with 9 of us trying out for the weekly MCL Cup!

Next Steps…

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