The T10 International Has Arrive !!!

This Year Battlepass come on 26th May 2020 at around 4 am Singapore time GMT+8. I always enjoy the International. Dota 2 is a game that I have played over more than 15 years. I decide to have a site dedicated to it while I climb the MMR ladder. My rank is current Archon so it a long way before I can hit Legend or Ancient. But the fun with Dota is playing with good friends, Enjoying the comeback and nice moment. It, not an easy game for sure, You also need to have a cool head.

TI 10 Battlepass this year comes with a Guild System. Encourage people to get together and play more. With the Guild Contract, you can take up daily to earn Battlepoint and Guild point. Guild Weekly Challenge is another one that requires at least 3 members to play and win to achieve the goal. I decided to set up a guild on the first day of the battle pass. It would be for all the friends or people who want to play as one in 神 God Gaming[WinGG]. Some background on the GG God Gaming name it link with MLBB Guild that I have also. The Guild system here has a limit of 50 people, while MLBB has 9.

To provide more fun and encourage more people to play together. I have also decided to sponsor some rewards along the for those who work hard in the Guild System.

For the following 3 months till Sep 20. The top 3 members by the end of the following month will be rewards by Taka.

End of June 30th. 1st) The International 10 Battle Pass 2nd) Shadow Fiend Arcana 3rd) Rare Puck Blossom of the Merry Wanderer Immortal Treasure I

Result for The Month of June 30th

1St Ice_Hui (Malaysia) 50 Level Battle Pass
2nd DeathMoon Kelvin (Malaysia) One Normal Level Battlepass and Shadow Fiend Arcana
3rd SmileyFace (Singapore) One Normal Level Battlepass and Rare Puck Blossom Of The Merry Wanderer Item
Prizes are all Sponsor by Taka (Singapore) Do support and Carry me!
Congrats to all the Winner and their Hardwork !

Month of July 31st WinGG Guild Event.

1st Prizes = 100 Level Battlepass

2nd Prizes = Normal Battlepass (S$13.99) + Orge Magi Arcana !

3rd Prizes = 50 Level Battlepass

The above Winner cannot be Winner of June.

Prizes are Sponsor by DeMoNiTe (Singapore)

Let Do Our Best and Hit for Level 20 by the End Of the Month !

1st Ichan (Philippines) 100 Level Battle Pass
2nd Maomao/ 五岁抬头 (Malaysia) Battlepass + Orgi Magi Arcana
3rd Huh?! ™  (Malaysia) 50 Level Battlepass
No Winner allow from June.
Prizes are all Sponsor by DeMoNiTe (Singapore) Do add him and thank him !
Again congrats to all Winner and their hardwork ! we are at Lvl 20 now !

Month Of Aug 31st WinGG Guild Final Event !

Guild Overall Highest Point Player = Arcana pick one base on his following (Zeus Arcana, Monkey King Arcana, Pudge Arcana)

Guild August Top Player 1st = 100 Level Battlepass (Base on Aug Score system as shown below in the sheet)

Every Sunday updated Score Sheet in Excel will be on WinGG Discord. You can keep track of who leading the race!

Guild August Top Player 2nd = Arcana Choose one base on the following shown above ( Lina Arcana, TB Arcana, LC Arcana ) Score system

Guild Most Active Lone Ranger Player = Arcana Choose one base on the following ( Reward To a Special Player who have not won anything, Mostly playing alone or not often party with members) [ Rubrick Arcana, PA Arcana, Techies Arcana ]

Taka Special Juggernaut Event Award = Juggernaut Arcana ( Award is given to the member who wins the most with Taka! )

  • Win with Taka = 5 point Lost with Taka = 2 point
  • Wage with Taka and Win = 8 point Wage with Taka and Lost = -2 point
  • Addition Wage Token use Per 100% the person gets 5 points for using the token (200% = 10 point , 300% = 20 point)
  • Addition Wage Token use and Win each person 40 points, not including the addition Token Owner bonus he deserves.
  • Addition Wage Token use and lost each person will get -10 point. Token Owner will not get the penalty.
  • Win With Team Juggernaut Hero in the game = 15 points extra to each member.
  • Win With Enemy using Juggernaut Hero in the game = 30 points extra to each member.

Prizes are all sponsor by Taka! Other donations are welcome too!

Prizes for August Event will be award on 12th Sep 2020, One week before the TI10 Battlepass event end.

Let Work Toward Guild level 25 By End of August!

We are WinGG, We Do it Fast and Steady!

Let work toward Guild Tier 25! (Currently Tier 20 on 1st of Aug !!!) Daily Guild Contract can take three per day !!!

Recommend Each Member to take Only 1 Three-Star *** Contract! Give Everyone a Chance To Try 3 *** !

Congrats to all the Winner of AUG Guild Event, WinGG has been busy and we have reached over our target. The Battlepass is over but the guild feature is to stay in Dota Plus !!! Let look forward to the Guild Update and The International Event itself.

WinGG always WIN ! Check out WinGG Discord for all update and results !

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